Be absolutely sure you
get your nutrients

Not a little sure, but 100% sure.

What does Foodwizer do?

Firstly, Foodwizer is still under development. We are in the prototype phase.

Foodwizer wants to make nutrition crisp and clear for you without taking up hours of your day.
In the future just scan your shopping basket and the app will learn about you and inspire you
with foods that you really, really like to eat and will still meet your personal nutritional needs.
Filter on recipes, pricing, plastic, allergies anything you want to filter on.

In a premium account you will be able to easily configure your personal multivitamin and get recommendations that
have exactly the calories you need, and also the fats, ánd the proteins. And the vitamins you need. And the minerals.
Because we need ‘m all every day. And we eat more than one food each day.
Omdat we alles elke dag nodig hebben. En we eten elke dag meer dan één voedingsmiddel.
Now you just know you are getting enough. And you can do all the things you want to do.

Who is Foodwizer?

Betty van Dongen

CEO & CTO Founder

You're in great company.

See what our testers say about us.

" Super handy to know what I should eat and especially how much to
solve my iron deficiency. "


" To stay fit I pay attention to the number of calories and the amount of
protein that I eat. With Foodwizer I find out immediately and easily
what I should eat. "


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